Sticker of Berry & Nana, the 2 Lead characters in Sneaky Sneakerton - The Sock That Got Away.


Holographic vinl sticker with a unique rainbow sheen and a mirror effect. High quality, gloss laminated, thick, durable, and UV-resistant. Cut-to-shape. 

Berry & Nana 3" holographic die-cut sticker



We're proud to be a US-based publisher, that supports our local businesses and economy.

Berry & Nana sticker was printed, and will be shipped from the USA.

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colorful socks

Ashley Arkels

My niece loved this book! She read it twice back to back and loved the story of the sock who sneaked away. What a great message for kids (and adults) and such a great way to share encouragement. My niece Madelynn (6 years old) said it was her favorite book! I will keep gifting this one as it's now more important than ever!

colorful socks


The kids loved the colorful illustrations and we all loved the message in the story!

colorful socks

Pietro Pettinato

My girls loved this beautiful story about love and kindness. We need more books like that.... I am already waiting a new one.

colorful socks


What an amazing spin (no pun intended) on a story of hope and unity with plenty of awesome characters. Knowing what a fun aunt I am, this is a great gift for all my friends who have children! Love it!!

colorful socks

Jesenia M.

“Mama, can you read this to me again? I loved it!” What a great story and very much needed during this pivotal time in our history. It’s the perfect conversation starter for you and your kiddos.

colorful socks

Alli D.

I received the book yesterday and read it to my 2 kids (boy and girl) and they loved it. They wanted me to leave the book on the nightstand when they went to sleep. Such a playful story with a beautiful message. Bonus for me: I finally know now why those d*mn socks go MIA every time I throw them in the washer! I will never do laundry the same way again...

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